Today's Wibblinks 01/08/2011 (a.m.)

  • The first time you do anything it's going to suck. That just the nature of learning new things: you will make bad new things for a bit until you learn the subtle lessons of the nature of the new thing. You can't be perfect when starting from zero, but you can learn a lot from the initial try and that is an essential step towards learning something new. The key lesson is to not be afraid of failure: embrace it and make it part of your production process. Don't even attempt to deliver V1.0: make every external deliverable v2.0, and set out to fail on the first attempt in a way that teaches you how to not fail for the next.

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    • No matter how good a cook you are, and no matter how hard you try, the first pancake of the batch always sucks.

      It comes out burnt or undercooked or weirdly shaped or just oddly inedible and aesthetically displeasing. Just ask your kids.

      At least compared to your normal pancake–and definitely compared to the far superior second and subsequent pancakes that make the cut and get promoted to the pile destined for the breakfast table–the first one’s always a disaster.

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