Happy New Year!


If you tried to find this site over the last week or so, it wasn't here. My Linksys router seems to have some problems holding the line up and it isn't very aggressive about logging in again. It seems to time out after three attempts. I may have to set up one of the spare linux boxes to keep the line active.

Anyway, we were in Ireland over Christmas and New Years. It was cold and wet with much sniffling going on. Still, we met all the relatives and they met Sanley and Roxanne. We also got to experience the purgatory which is long haul travel with a small child. Aer Lingus were completely unhelpful with stowing the push chair or getting food for a child. Cathay Pacific, by contrast, were much better, although the food on the return leg of the journey wasn't up to their usual standards. Aer Lingus' food was their usual crud.

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