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I've been trying to upgrade this webserver to Linux 2.6.0 over the last few days, but I've had very little success. I've had to spend a few hours tonight recovering from a corrupt root partition, and trying to get the server to actually boot again, despite having a good spread of RedHat kernels, home compiled kernels and the new kernel. If you've been trying to access the site tonight (28 December 2003), it's largely been powered down and disassembled

Strangely enough, I had 2.6.0 booting or a bit, and my ancient laptop will boot it with no problems, but I had persistent creeping failures when trying to get Gizmo (the webserver) to boot it.

I guess the lesson is that production machines shouldn't run the bleeding edge stuff. I'm sticking to the stock redhat kernels until Fedora 2.0 comes out, with the 2.6 kernels as stock.

Speaking of the ancient laptop - it has some weird problems with the PCMCIA cards - I have a wireless card for it which is a genuine PCMCIA card, but I keep getting "Bad Vcc" errors due to the weirdness of the PCMCIA interface. Toshiba Tecras are not a good choice for a Linux Laptop - they're just chock full of proprietary hardware which doesn't work with anything except Windows. Not to mentions that the processor is welded to the chassis, and has a heatsink welded on top of it. It's is not possible to upgrade the damn thing! I fondly remember my old Olivetti, with a Socket 7, so that I could keep uprading the processor.

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