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It is becoming extremely likely that this website will relocate before the end of November. The new site will probably be http://www.diaspoir.net. The reason for the change is that I'm setting up DSL at home and will running my own email and web servers from there. There will be no need to keep the Demon account going when that happens and it will go down very quickly, probably within a week.



We went up to China last Weekend. Friday evening, we went to Shekou, which is to the west of Shenzen and has lots of little bars and stuff. Dinner was in Casablanca and was western style food. Very good. Afterwards, we played silly dice games in an outdoor bar out on the reclamation.

On Saturday, we went off to Honey Lake Theme park, which is very big and very run down. There's a go karting track there, and for RMB 65, we got about 10 minutes serious karting. Great fun. The track is quite long, so the little 80cc karts can get up a fair turn of speed.

On Saturday afternoon, we went playing snooker in Shenzen and just wandered around Lychee park there. There were a few roadside restaurants serving dog, but we didn't partake.

Later we went for dinner in Laurel Restaurant in Lo Wu City before heading back to Hong Kong. They do a rather good Peking Duck there. It's advisable to book beforehand though, especially if you want to have dinner at 8 o'clock as it gets very busy.

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