Wanchai Live


Well, it's coming around again and here's the timetable so far:

Saturday 28 June 2003
Start TimeCarnegiesWanch
1400Pull your socks upDIU
1500Wig & EmShallow Falls
1600Firefly ConspiracyDave O'Brien
1700Mr SofteeThe Retro Years
1800Hei ShaTime Raider
1900Mind Your HeadMydriff
2000SpankDr. Thirsty
2100Led ZebraUltrastatic
2200Thinking Out LoudThe Bastards
23009th StateDave Colquhoun
0000-Don't Panic

Sunday 29 June 2003
Start TimeCarnegiesWanch
1300Another Life Story / Spermatic Chord-
1500AirtubDave O'Brien
1600The Small Corner BandTornier
1700Da GuelosWhence He Came
1800Milk and CookiesLos Tabernacos
19002 TonnesPapa Jack
2000The MacsAfter Hours
2100Deja BlueOne Crowded Hour
2200Dirty SanchezBoludo
2300Beats WorkingPok Guys

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