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It never fails to amaze me how blind some HKers can be. I regularly see people waving frantically at a taxi to flag it down, completely oblivious to the fact that:

  • The 'For Hire' light isn't lit,
  • The Taxi is full of other people

I saw such a group today, just outside the Mandarin Hotel. They looked very indignant when a taxi with four people inside didn't immediately stop and pick them up.

Also, with buses, sometimes the bus is full. My regular ride into work, the No. 18, is frequently very busy in the mornings, and it's not rare to see the bus full sign lit up. Even when the bus is so jam packed full, that the standing passengers have their faces pressed against the windows (and the front windscreen!), there'll be some self-important jerk gesturing at the driver to open the door and let him in.

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