If you were to see me now, you'd do a double take. I've dug out my swimming goggles in preparation for going down to the Pool with the kids in a few minutes. In an attempt to work out which side is which, I'm wearing them now. "Which side is which?" Well, they're prescription goggles, and my eyes are slightly different diopters, so I'm wearing them to figure out which way around is right.

We normally go down to Victoria Park, which is a few minutes walk away from here. It's free on Sundays in July, but it's not that expensive at other times.

Roxanne likes swimming, although she's quite nervous and needs her flotation aids. Conor is funny - he likes being in his floating ring and seems to have a good time smiling at people. He even kicks a little and will try to move himself around by splashing his hands. Not bad for a one year old.

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