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The police are quoting an attendance of 350,000, while the organizers say 500,000. This makes it the biggest demonstration since the marches against the Tienanmen Square crackdown in 1989, when one million people marched.

The March seemed to wind up about 9:30 pm, so it took over six and a half hours for all the people in Victoria Park to get to Central.

And Tung Chee Hua has been quoted as saying that none of the marchers need to worry because the legislation won't be used to crack down on this. What a clueless twit.

In other news, some pro-Beijing organization held a festival (also in Victoria Park - that was dumb) to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the handover. From what I could see on the TV, the attendance seemed to be a lot of confused looking old people wandering around and playing some silly games in market stalls, like 'throw the ball and get a prize anyway', or 'pin the tail in anything, dear, and there's a sticky bun for you'.

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