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I've just noticed over 200,000 (That's Two Hundred THOUSAND!) requests in my httpd logs from one particular address hosted by These requests are trying to push into top place in my referral logs, and presumably, benefit from being linked to. These requests have sucked down over 3GB (THREE GIGABYTES!) of my bandwidth in the last few days so, as you can image, complaints have been sent. I haven't bothered complaining to the Russians: from past experience, it's a waste of time. I have complained to, and this may or may not get a response.

I've also blocked both that IP and the OSTEST.RU domain from this site and I'm currently writing a perl script to implement some sort of quota on the webserver use.

Update: OK, anyone who makes more than two thousand requests in any one log period gets banned by IP address. This is checked hourly, so this sort of abuse will get you blocked forever. I absolutely *hate* getting taken advantage of. Also, I got nothing more than a boilerplate response from, so I'm assuming that they don't care. - spammers!.

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