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Is this a blog? Or is it just a diary? What makes a blog a blog anyway?

Are regular updates enough, or do you also require comments? Does it have to be interesting to others, or can you just do your own thing?

Is the cookie-cutter 'blogspot' style de-rigeur, so should you look like every other 'movable-type' site?

Who's your audience? Family? Friends? Other bloggers? Colleagues? Do you even have an audience, or is it just the equivalent of your own private soapbox that you can drag out from under the bed and heckle the world from when the fancy takes you?

Is it all some 'high-concept' literary project, with great and noble aspirations towards self-importance, or just, like, stuff, you know, words 'n writing 'n that.

Does it have a focus? Does it need a focus? Is there a heaven? Is there a hell? Anyone for the last few choc-ices now?


io'b said:

You can never go too far wrong with a Christy Moore reference!

dave said:

Hmmm, there's something odd with GM and comments.

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