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My office overlooks a small street in Wanchai. Currently, there are roadworks in this street. Actually, there have been roadworks on this street for as long as I can remember. Anyway, for the last few weeks, there have been men digging up the road with pneumatic drills (jackhammers). They're hacking and they're hammering, hammering and hacking. They stopped for a day or so last week, and the silence was intense. It was difficult to concentrate with the sudden change. Now, of course, they've started up again, and it's almost impossible to concentrate because of the noise.

But, lucky me, they do stop work at about five o'clock. Which is when the traffic starts to get heavy and the beeping starts. Then it gets dark and the flashing starts. The beeping and the flashing, the flashing and the beeping. The hammering and the hacking, beeping and flashing. But you've gotta keep working; keep your nose to the grindstone, your shoulder to the wheel, and your eyes on the prize. Now try working in that position!


ron said:

Just walk over to where they are working and tell them that:

1. You know there is a female ghost who haunts that place at night.

2. That the female ghost dresses in red, with red lipstick and has her hair ruffled.

3. That the female ghost was killed by her construction worker boyfriend who cut her throat with a jigsaw.

4. And the previous bunch of people who worked there already died out of mysterious circumstances.

5. You tried to inform the local newspapers and property agents to inform about this [as a civic duty], but everyone is keeping "mum" at the risk of inviting the female ghost to screw up their lives.


a) Two days later, enjoy the serene quiet bliss.

b) Don't ever tell anyone that "Ron" taught you this.

c) Word will spread amongst all construction and renovation companies. No competition will ever come there.

d) Since this is a road project and not a house, still even the concerned departments will hush up the works and just patch it up as soon as they can.

e) But this applies equally to house, roads, etc. etc.

I have been using this dirty trick since 1989 and the area around my house is unbelievably quiet!


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