Right, I've already checked in, and the heavy baggage is heading for the airport. In the meantime, I've come home to relax for a while and pack the rest of my stuff. Gotta love that In-Town check-in.

Later on tonight, I'm off to Melbourne to do a spot of consulting work for a few weeks. If I can get to an internet connection, I should be contactable by email using the usual addresses, if anyone needs to get in touch with me. My mobile won't work — you'll end up talking with the wife or the helper, and the helper speaks no English. I might get a phone card in Melbourne so I could have an Aussie number for a while. Melbourne is three hours ahead of Hong Kong timewise.

I've actually done very little preparation in terms of tourist guidebooks, etc this time. My experience with those in Hong Kong was that they were not very useful. I also found which seems to be a useful guide to the city. Apparently Mary Coughlan is playing somewhere at the end of Feb. Might try and get to see that - she's pretty good in concert. If anyone else knows any useful sites for Melbourne, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

A song by Mundy-Turner has been running through my head for a while, and I finally found the site where you can "buy a Bogart Akubra down on Lurline Street"! Unfortunately, they don't seem to have the Bogart Akubra. Maybe Jay was making that up?

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