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It's hard bloody work being in Melbourne, mate! For a start, they haven't got any decent beer in the fridge, only light beer. This is not the country we were promised! After twelve hour days for the last week, they could at least have had some decent beer in the fridge. We may have to head out for more, as we've finished what few beers there were.

Update: We're still in the office, a 10:35pm. The lights have gone out in the cricket ground (India vs Australia), there's no beer left in the fridge, and the model appears to be slightly closer to convergence. I've removed all references to beer goggles etc from the various files that my colleague put in. I may take my tie off, if I can stand the excitement. We plan to hit the pubs some time soon. Honest. I fear my colleague has been woken up by the sugar in the beer. We may have to start on the wine in the fridge soon.

Further update: left the office at about 11:30pm, and had a few beers and a kebab in Chapel Street.


io'b said:

That's one of the worst things about travelling for work purposes. You generally do nothing but work.
I remember one snowy Good Friday in Aschheim ... nobody around but me and a half upgraded set of servers. Whatever good intentions I had about seeing Easter as experienced in that Catholic part of Germany were completely wiped out by network issues.


The first two weeks of the job ended with a total of 160 hours of my time. That's a month's work in twelve days.

We've tailed off to 10-11 hour days since then.

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