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It now looks like I'm going to be in Melbourne for a little while longer. I might even get to see the Grand Prix, which is on the first weekend in March. I've been assured that I'll be able to hear it from most places within the city, even if I can't see it.

It's not cheap, Melbourne, although that may be because of the overall weakness of the HK Dollar against the AUD.

Haven't done many touristy things, as I'm not a good tourist and I haven't had much free time, but I have managed to get some souvenirs.

Melbourne's pretty nice, with a very European in feel in many ways. The architecture is nice and there's a great feeling of space even in the City Centre.


Brahm said:

Hey Dave, you should get out and see some sites! I spent a few days in Melbourne in October 2001 [ http://brahm.windeler.net/worldtrip2001/ ]. The Melbourne Observation Deck [ http://www.melbournedeck.com.au/ ] at the top of Rialto Towers is pretty cool if you like going to the top of sky scrapers. I took a ferry on the Yarra River to Jamestown, where there's a bunch of little restaurants, including a place that serves tasty crepes called Breizoz [ http://www.breizoz.com.au/ ]. Oh, and don't forget Queen Victoria Market [ http://www.melbourne.com.au/qvm.htm ] and the business men statues downtown [ http://brahm.windeler.net/worldtrip2001/australia/pages/02-3BusinessMen.htm ]. There are also a few decent record shops that I found looking through the phonebook. [ http://www.shirleybeans.com/trip/australia.html ]

Thanks for the tips, Brahm.

I've been up to the Rialto, and the view is great. Melbourne is so much cleaner and less polluted than Hong Kong. Funnily enough, very few buildings in Hong Kong have observation decks, so unless you work or live in a tall building, you don't get to enjoy the view much.

The three businessmen are a little strange but very photogenic.

I'll try and get down to Jamestown this weekend.

UPDATE: well, it looks like I'm going to be working this weekend, so I guess no crepes for me!

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