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You know, it's extremely irritating the way the default paste behaviour of Open Office changes with every new patch from Redhat. It seems to switch from 'insert cells' to 'overwrite cells' with each upgrade. Here's a hint guys: pick one behaviour and stick with it, and most people would like it to be like Excel, which overwrites.


Waider said:

Actually, what really bugs me about the latest version that I picked up is the change in behaviour of the "copy cell by dragging that little square in its corner" thing. It used copy the cell, exactly as a minimal spreadsheet user like myself expected, but now it pops up a dialog box asking you what sort of copy you want. And the worst part is that the action I want, labelled "default" isn't selected in the dialog box! Guys, if it's the default, shouldn't it, you know, default to being selected?

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