Pope Adolf the First

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Well, it's official -- right wing nutjob Josef Ratzinger is the new pope. The cultists in Opus Dei must be happy -- they're probably dancing a little jig in their jackboots.

It should have been Arinze, if only because all the real conservatives would probably have left the church or had their heads explode at the prospect of a black pope.

UPDATE: Some more links:

Bernd Goehring, director of German ecumenical group Kirche von Unten, said the election was a catastrophe.

"We can expect no reform from him in the coming years." he said. "Even more people will turn their back on the Church."


Ian said:

Take a look at this picture and then tell me whether you trust this man to indoctrinate your masses. Is that a wedding ring?

ian said:

This is hilarious - your google ads are cracking me up!

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dave said:

Pope Palpatine the First is Patrick Nielsen Hayden's guess.

(A Wikipedia entry with a similar theme.)

As for the ring, it's on the wrong hand for a wedding ring. Perhaps it's a Ring of Power?

ian said:

Re: Opus Dei.

Apparently the Prelate of Opus Dei feels that he has to assure the members that it is OK to back the new Pontiff. Was there a doubt?

In the Last paragraph he seems to be wishing for a continuation of rightist beahviours.

Grail said:

And whats does everyone make of this stuff (my posting ;)

Grail said:

Correction on post link ... Sorry.

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