And so this is Christmas


And what have we done?

In rough order:

  • Opened all the presents. (Someone sent us a kilo of Doraemon candy per child. I strongly suspect my dentist is trying to drum up business.)
  • Went for Festive Christmas Lunch, which in our case was festive yum cha, replete with festive cha siu bao, siu mai, and mango pudding.
  • Had a traditional Christmas walk in Hong Kong park while looking at the turtles basking in the sun and the Carp swimming around them.
  • Queued up in Pacific Place to get pictures taken with Santa.
  • Marvelled at our Mass Transit Railway with trains at 3 minute intervals on a Christmas afternoon which is also a Sunday, and every train was full!
  • Got some freshly baked French Bread from the best bakery in town, Donq, in the basement of Sogo.

Happy: [Christmas | Hanukkah | Kwanzaa | Festivus | Winter Solstice | Holidays | Robot Christmas ] (which ever one is appropriate) to one and all!

And, to round off the day, we had a late snack with French bread, Irish smoked salmon, New Zealand cheese, and Australian wine. Then, thanks to a Mac designed in America, but built in China, we had a video-conference with folks in Ireland.

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