The Somme, Wanchai.

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The South China Untrustworthy Morning Post (SCuMP) is at it again:

Doctor on riot beat recalls the drums and the silence


It was quiet in Gloucester Road on the night of December 17 - too quiet - with the silence broken only by the sound of distant drums.


During Saturday's clashes and their aftermath, in which the team put into practice the concept of "tactical medicine", Dr Chan said they saw minor injuries such as cut hands and head wounds. They prioritised the 137 injured - all men except for one female officer - and sent them to hospitals as planned."


Dr Chan said they were fully equipped like any emergency room, with plenty of medicine - 1,000 Panadol tablets were handed out.

They prepared 10 bottles of special detergent to counter pepper spray. Just two bottles were used.

Ludicruous over the top reporting - they're trying to portray the WTO scuffles as a pitched battle, with medics in the trenches., when all that happened was some minor first aid and doling out pain-killers. Hospitals in uncivilised places like London or Newcastle probably get more serious trauma every night after the pubs close.


HKMacs said:

It's very reassuring to know they were well stocked-up with Panadol!

dave said:

And, of course they had to mention a brand-name tablet, they couldn't just say they doled out generic pain-killers.

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