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(With apologies to Avedon Carol.)

This bra ad by Wacoal (motto: "Making Mountains out of Molehills"), has been appearing in the MTR stations recently.

Wacoal Mermaid Bra

(Sorry about the reflections - forgot to bring my circular polariser.) It's not too unpleasant to look at — attractive ladies in their skivvies are normally quite pleasant on the eyes, after all.

However, one part of it has been bugging me:

Fancy Strapes

Fancy Strapes? Oh dear. Obviously a typo. On a huge advertising campaign in the MTR, where 2.4 million people per day realize that Wacoal can't spell.

But what if it isn't a spelling mistake; what if they really are offering 'fancy strapes'? What is (or are) strapes anyway?


A common sexually transmitted disease found among native mountain people of virginia.

"That dirty inbred Katy has got a nasty case of the strapes."

Hmm, not the nicest of things to get with a bra.

(Oh and if you're wondering why this post is dated before noon and didn't appear until midnight, the explanation is quite simple. I started the post, realized I had to go out and photograph the poster, then ended up in Sham Shui Po and bought a new motherboard. Honest, it all seemed logical at the time.)


Rory said:

And what, pray, are the removable accessories?

dave said:

I think the 'removable accessories' are the seaweed-like things dangling from various parts.

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