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I just got my paws on the latest Lara Croft adventure: Tomb Raider Legend. It looks gorgeous, but it's completely unplayable. Why? You can't invert the mouse Y-Axis! There's even an option to do it, but it doesn't work. Pathetic!


youri said:

Originally Posted by Yato
Hi All!

I only joined this forum to give a solution to the invert mouse X axis problem, if anyone should need it.
1. Open up regedit, and find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Crystal Dynamics\Tomb Raider: Legend
2. The MouseSensitivity value is the same as set in the game in an interval of [1..20]. All you need to do is enter the negavite value of the sensitivity you need. E.g. if you use the game at a sensitivity of 10 you need to enter -10 which in hexadecimal terms is 0xfffffff6. So edit the MouseSensitivity and enter fffffff6 as a value.
3. This trick will also reverse the X axsis, so you will need to set that to "Yes" in the game. Or you can also change the CameraXInverted and AimXInverted values to ffffffff.

Hope this helps, please spread the word, as I found no solutions to this problem via Google...


dave said:

Yato, thanks for that solution. The v1.1 patch also fixes the problem.

Now to find a way to get rid of those damn savepoints...

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