...and she's buying a stairway to heaven

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Stairways to Heaven, a collection of covers of the classic Led Zeppelin track.

And yes, the Rolf Harris version is there. Complete with Wobbleboard.

Via Making Light.

UPDATE: The Leonard Teale makes me wonder (sorry) about what a William Shatner version would sound like. (That was not a request Bill.)


HKMacs said:

Did they sue?

dave said:

Who knows. Many of the versions are clearly parody, which would be protected speech in some jurisdictions. Also, Led Zep would need to prove that their own reputation was damaged or that they suffered some amount of financial loss from other people covering their song.

I think that would be unlikely.

Also, many of these covers were previously released on a CD (Stairways to Heaven / Stairways to Hell), so presumably permission to release them was already obtained.

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