Shenzhen woes


Seen in Tuesday's unlinkable SCMP:

Shenzhen police beat us, say HK robbery victims

Three Hong Kong residents, who were robbed and then arrested in Shenzhen after they fought with their robbers, returned to the city yesterday. The victims, aged between 22 and 27, were confronted by three robbers at 7pm on Sunday. The younger man was assaulted by the three, who tried to steal his mobile phone and $2,000. His friends fought with the robbers and, when Shenzhen police arrived, both groups were arrested for fighting.

The Hong Kong men said they were beaten in police custody and were made to sign a document promising they would not pursue further action. They were released on Sunday night and sent to a Shenzhen hospital for treatment. They arrived at the Lok Ma Chau checkpoint at about 2am yesterday and were taken to North District Hospital for checkups.

And people wonder why I don't like the place...

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