Foreigners don't eat lunch

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(Or The Annoying Bigotry of Weird Expectations.)

"Foreigners don't eat lunch", my client said, "but we're taking one of the consultants to lunch and he's a foreigner too, like you, so you should join us."

"What?! I eat lunch every day!"

"No you don't."

"You came over yesterday, when I was having my sandwich!"

"That's not *lunch*, that's just eating food in the middle of the day. Lunch is when we heui yum cha."

"OK, OK, I'll come. But any chicken's feet, and I'm going to order the Kangaroo Curry."

"But they're so cute!"

"And so very, very tasty!"


And the foreign consultant? A Shanghainese living in Montreal. Oy.

(And just in case anyone at work is reading this: my dramatic license is #1023887, and I am a registered smart ass in the State of Queensland.)

Edit: just tidied up the last part a bit - not very relevant.


io'b said:

Are Kangaroos kosher?

dave said:

Not according to:

(Oops! ! removed the part of the post which would have made more sense of the previous comment.)

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