Updates have been pretty slow around here for a while. Part of it is due to work, but a large part is that my outrage meter appears to have burned out.

Normally, the news that the Republican party appears to be self destructing in an orgy of sex scandals (Mark Foley), security revelations (Iraq) and corruption allegations (all of the above) would incline me to post on it, but it's happened before (Gannon/Plame/Katrina) and the American public just seem to blindly accept whatever Fox tells them and continue to vote for the Fascist Party.

Recently, the US Congress voted to approve a law which gives the President power to declare anyone and unlawful combatant and hold them without trial, without habeas corpus and without the oversight of the Geneva Conventions. Surely that would make the US People rise up and throw these guys out of office? If Abu Ghraib didn't, will anything?

It looks like a propaganda campaign is underway to justify a pre-emptive war with Iran. The American public swallowed lies hook, line and sinker for the Iraq debacle, why shouldn't they accept this next one?

Plus, it's no fun making fun of the letter writers to the SCMP, if they don't turn up and try and defend themselves in fractured English.

And speaking of Hong Kong, our Chief executive recently announced some ludicruous non-binding happy thoughts about a minimum wage. "It would be nice to have one", he said, "but we won't make it law, because then the Heritage Foundation might not award us a meaningless 'freeest economy in the world' award every year."

(It's not like there's a proposal to give toilet cleaners HK$50,000 per month. They're currently paid about HK$13 per hour.)

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