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Some web forums have a habit of sending you an email on certain days, usually birthdays. It's a fairly simple thing to do.

Unless, of course, you're jobsdb.com. I recently got an email from them wishing me a happy birthday two or three days before the day itself. Now, if it had been after, I would have assumed that the message got put in the email queue and was delayed for some reason, but before?

Mind you, I don't expect much from jobsdb.com. Their website is obnoxious, being IE only. (I think it might even be IE on Windows only!) That might have made sense back in the late 1990's (although I seriously doubt it), but it certainly doesn't do so now.

And don't even get me started on demand CVs in MS Word format for Unix Administrator positions.

One other annoyance with jobsdb.com is CV Spam. Whenever I update my CV on that site, I get a flurry of 'request for release of CV' emails. Unfortunately they're never germane to the actual content of my CV, they're from Manulife or AIA and looking for someone to sell insurance and 'financial planning products'.

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