Watching the Keynote (I wish)


I came back home tonight and sat down to watch the much anticipated Macworld 2007 Keynote Speech. It started OK, and I got 17 minutes in, when all internet activity stopped. Not just on the mac, but on the Linux box as well. My router's fine, the local network is OK, but connections to the USA are poor to non-existent. I can't even ping, or!

Strangely enough, works fine and google-owned is working well too. Score one for distributed content.

Unfortunately, a quick trawl of my regular blogs resulted in spoilers for the keynote, so ctrl-w/cmd-w, and read them after it's working. I stroll into the living room and the Chinese language news is showing excerpts from the Keynote! Aargh!

I don't know if this current internet outage is due to yet another earthquake, or just the huge demand which follows any Apple Keynote. Given that the entire USA appears to be intermittently out of touch and is not available. I'm guessing the latter.

It looks like it's not going to be possible to watch the keynote without advance knowledge of it's contents. Bah!

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