Winter in Hong Kong

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Ah, it's that time of year when no one seems to be able to make the connection between it being cold outside, it being cold inside, and all the windows being open.

Does anyone in Asia south of, say, Shanghai and north of, oh, Sydney have a single clue about keeping your home warm?


phiz said:

well, we don't have any problem in Malaysia! It's always nice and toasty in the house.

dave said:

Do you even have winters in Mayalsia?

What gets me is the people who say that the flat is stuffy in the winter time and that we should throw open all the windows to let the fresh air in...

10 Me: "But then it'll get cold!"

20 Them: "But we're wearing North Face!"

30 Me: "You're indoors, and it's warm, you can take your arctic survival gear off."

40 Them: "But then we'll be cold when you open the windows!"

50 Me: "Why should I open the windows?"

60 Them: "Because it's stuffy!"


fumier said:

The windows don't fit well enough in most HK apartments to need to open them for fresh (i.e. outside) air.

dave said:

That is definitely not the case chéz wibblings. They are hermétique.

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