Here I am in the Cathay Lounge (The Pier, if you know there's two), doing a final check on some email before the red-eye to down under and I realise I left my nice Bluetooth Mouse (Logitech V270) sitting on my desk at home!

Huge great mounds of bugger!

Still, at least with the MacBook, I've got two finger scrolling and clicking to make the trackpad actually useful. I'll be ludicruously good with it by the end of this trip!

Maybe that should be a side goal: become completely fluent in the use of a Mac with no mouse. I'm not sure it's entirely possible, but I know most of the shortcuts, and launching apps from spotlight, and I know I can change the key-combinations within Office (mainly Excel) which I use quite heavily on little frodo[1] here[2].

[1] Why is my MacBook called frodo? Small but fierce and determined to do things and go places even if it doesn't know the way. Plus it's rather fresh-faced and innocent in an office full of jaded, fuzzy Dells and HPs.

[2] I did try to use numbers, but the charting in excel, especially for XY charts, just blows it away.

Anyone with superb and mad skills with using a Mac without leaving the keyboard is entirely welcome to check out the new commenting system and leave pointers and hints in the comments.

I'm sure that most of the comments will revolve around using QuickSilver (I'm trying!) and stalking Merlin Mann.

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