DIY Laptop Stand


Tired of bending down to type on your laptop? Make a Laptop Stand!

Take the top from a box of printer paper, remove the front (long) edge and trim the sides to make a wedge. Cut some strips from the front wedge to make a lip and staple it to the lowest edge.

Congrats, you now have a wedge shaped piece of card, er, a high tech, recyclable, earth-conscious, stand for your laptop, which will elevate the screen to a better height for reading from.

The keyboard's going to be at a steeper angle than before, but an external keyboard will work around that.

I wouldn't recommend leaving a laptop on it in an unattended fashion, though - it'll get reasonable hot (depending on your laptop model) and there is a slight risk of FLAMES REACHING THE CEILING, FIRE! PEOPLE RUNNING AROUND SCREAMING! and your laptop being a melted pile of slag in your melted pile of slag office. I take no responsibility for any damage to your laptop, desk, place you put your laptop or anything related to this post. Also, people RUNNING AROUND SCREAMING AIEEEE! are your problem too.


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